I tell you a short story, how is all started..

..in 2008 when I decided to show my art online, at first I felt “exposed” to share my art with the world.. because creating art is very personal for me and I felt vulnerable how people will react to it.. ,but I can say, it was worth to share my art, because I got aware of many people who needed and felt comfort in my art.. I felt and realized it back then, thats my purpose in this world.. then since I built up my “art empire” and established my name and online presence.. my art loved by thousands of art lovers and collectors around the World..

Since I have several websites with different vendors to have fine art prints on a wide variety of surfaces or on everyday objects printed of my paintings, but mostly of my photographs..

I decided a few weeks ago to open this art gallery to display and offer for sale a selection of my original artworks I created and kept to my private collection since 1986.. 

..so you are one of the first person to given the opportunity to own one of my original artwork.. 

They are not only paintings, but signed art prints what I matted or framed myself for previous art exhibits in the past.. they are sculptures, fiber art jewelry, hand painted functional household items, hand painted art postcards and many other unusual art what I am uploading daily, so be sure to check back often to see what new art added or sign up for my newsletter to get weekly emails from me of the new art uploads, limited time offers and sales.

When I sell one of my original artwork is an emotional process for me, as every each of them are a part of my soul, but I have to sell them, because I love painting and unfortunately I can’t keep all of them in my private collection, because art supplies are expensive and being a single mom this is my main source of income.. its a bittersweet process, because it’s good to know they will find a new home and they will be loved as much when I created them.. so if you would like to contact me by email or phone prior to purchase and want to know more about the story of the painting you are considering to buy; ..please do, I am happy to hear from you ..

Thank you for visiting my online art gallery and I hope you will have a wonderful day!