My statement on February 25, 2021

..nothing and nobody was and never will give me more Satisfaction in life,

than when I create something out of nothing on canvas, paper or other media..

something unseen and unfelt by anyone in this Universe.. 

because My Art comes from My Imagination, My Soul..

Art is my TRUE LOVE..

I only realized it in this moment; what everything I ever wanted and wished for in all my life; 

..’a true love and companion’.. 

I always had inside my soul since I was born..

I am thankful to God for this enlightenment;

now I found peace in my ‘search’ and my expectations to meet a man who loves me who I am, are ended in this moment, because I know it now I was wrong to hope that men exist..I was wrong to believe my true love why I was created to this World, is a human..; 

I always had my honest, unconditional and everlasting love and passion for Art since my first breath and will until my last..

Marianna Mills

February 25, 2021