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Mushrooms Gold Foil Bookmark Handmade by Marianna Mills

Mushrooms Gold Foil Bookmark Handmade by Marianna Mills

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Mushrooms Gold Foil Bookmark Handmade by me :)

This is my own design, I print, foil, laminate then cut them. Shipped out in 1-3 business days from my home art studio in Ellicott City, MD. Free US shipping! 

Laminated foil bookmark with metallic foil mushrooms. Please note bookmarks are handmade so very slight imperfections in the foil may occur. 

Dimensions approx.: 6.75” by 1.75” 

Each bookmark is hand cut, so exact dimensions may vary.

Follow my social media accounts to see how I made them and for new designs release, upcoming giveaways and special offers. 

Please note: due to the nature of handmade you will receive a similar bookmark what is showing on this listing. Every each of them are a unique piece of art, could be a slight color variation that can be caused by individual monitor settings.

©1986-2022 Marianna Mills

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